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Furniture Restoration Course

This course has been devised as an introduction to the fascinating world of furniture restoration. Traditional repairs, veneering, conservation, refinishing, including French polishing and alternative finishes will be taught. The course will be made [...]

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3 Day – Introduction to Japanning course

This is a course in the art of Japanning using traditional techniques to create a raised panel. The course is suitable for anyone wishing to master the basic principles of oil gilding and lacquer [...]

5 Day Gilding Restoration Course

This is a course in Giltwood Frame and Object restoration. Students are encouraged to bring their own objects, typically gilded frames or other gilded objects for repair and restoration. This is a five day [...]

  • chair caning six way pattern

Chair Seating Courses

3 Day Chair Seating Course Our Chair Seating Course is designed to teach you the basic principles of chair caning, sea grass or rush seating over three days. Students of chair caning will be [...]

1 day Scratch/Repair course

This is a one day course aimed at those working in the hospitality industry,kitchen installers or anyone whose work entails having to deal with scratches or damaged furniture. Through practical workshops and demonstrations the [...]

Restoration Classes

In addition to our short courses we hold furniture restoration classes for local people.The class is a 3 hour sessionĀ  on most Mondays,afternoons from 2 - 5pm and evenings from 6.30 - 9.30 pm. [...]

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Veneering Courses

Veneering and Repair Course On this four day course students will examine all aspects of knife cut veneering. Learn useful and creative ways of applying rich designs to a wide range of furniture. Students [...]

  • french polishing with rubber

French Polishing

French polishing was introduced to this country from France early in the nineteenth century. The technique was soon developed and adapted to suit the burgeoning English furniture trade and it quickly became the universal [...]